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Valerie’s North Salem Equestrian Photoshoot

Jun 29, 2022

Valerie’s afternoon Equestrian session in North Salem was GOLDEN!! This was my first time working with Valerie and her horse Belatrix, and I absolutely fell in love with them both! Valerie immediately became a friend and client who I love and adore, and I would happily go back and visit them in New York anytime!

On the day of Valerie’s Equestrian Photoshoot

This lovely equestrian session was shot at Comfortside Barn in North Salem, New York. Although this was an afternoon shoot, and we were racing the sun to get all the shots we wanted, these two were incredibly efficient and we were able to get photos in two different outfits! Both were stunning! Belatrix had to let her personality shine through in a couple pictures as well! She loved to stick her tongue out for a couple shots, which just made the session that much more fun!

The weather the day of the session was also unbeatable! It wasn’t too hot, but still warm enough that Valeria could wear that gorgeous green dress and not freeze to death!

One of my favorite parts of the session

As much time as Valerie spends at the barn and as much as she loves horses, she also spends quite a bit of time with her own cookie company, which we also included in the session. And luckily for me, she brought some samples for me to try! I will be the first to say, they were DELICIOUS!

To check out Valerie’s North Salem equestrian photoshoot, check out the photos below!

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