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Penny’s Sunny North Salem Equestrian Photoshoot

Jul 1, 2022

Penny’s North Salem equestrian photoshoot with her horse Evita was so bright and so much fun! The weather was insanely gorgeous, and so were these two ladies! Penny is a returning client that wanted to get photos with her new mare Evita. Penny is just full of light and so lovely to be around, I was truly ecstatic when she reached out to have another session!

On the day of Penny’s Equestrian Photoshoot

This amazing photoshoot was held at Comfortside Farm in North Salem, New York! We shot in the early morning as it is my favorite time of the day to shoot at this location, due to the light shining on the mountains and hills in the background. It adds a nice glow to the pictures. Plus, we then managed to escape the mid-day heat!

These two just had the cutest interactions throughout the whole day, and I couldn’t get enough of it! You could tell how much they mean to each other. Overall, it was a blast! The weather was incredible, the lighting was incredible, the outfits were incredible, and both of these ladies looked incredible!

One of my favorite parts of the session

I have to say Evita was such a hoot during this photoshoot! It brought me so much joy to see how much happiness she brought Penny. We shared many laughs throughout the session, including when Evita sneezed all over Penny and the camera, and I just so happened to capture it at the perfect moment!

To check out Penny’s North Salem equestrian photoshoot, check out the photos below!

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